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The general conditions for events & tickets provided by Tickazilla

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Please read and understand our event & ticket conditions below, which explain the respective rights and duties of you and Tickazilla. If you use our services, you agree to abide by these terms. It is also important that you read and understand our general terms & conditions and privacy policy.

1. Event dates

The dates and times for all events are shown as provisional or confirmed. Also, event start times are marked as local.
Those events that are marked as provisional may be moved at short notice to alternative event dates or event start times. If an event is marked as provisional then all possible variations to the performance date of each event are displayed online. This information is also available throughout the online booking process.
Once the date/ start time for provisional event dates has been confirmed by the event organisers, we'll notify you accordingly via email.

2. How do provisional event dates affect the duration of my hotel stay?

For those events that are marked as provisional, hotel stays should cover all days that the event could potentially take place on. This will ensure you do not miss the event you are travelling to watch.
If you book your hotel online via our website, the hotel check-in date and number of nights are automatically set to cover all possible dates that your chosen event may be performed on.
It is your responsibility to ensure you book the correct number of nights to cover the performance dates of the event
Similarly, if you are booking your hotel independently then you must also ensure your stay covers all possible nights that the event may take place on.

3. Face value of event tickets

Market value
Event tickets are sold above or lower than the face value at commercial market rates and reflect supply and demand for that particular event. In order to secure 'difficult to obtain' tickets, preferred seating and to guarantee tickets in advance (before general sale to the public) and at sold out events, we ourselves have to pay a high premium above the face value to event organisers and/or authorised/ third party agents. You acknowledge that we do not have control over the ticket prices set by such companies, and that we cannot be held responsible for such prices.

Face value
Face value of tickets may vary for each event and normally reflects the profile of the event. If face values are not provided within your ticket description then indications of face values are highlighted below:

General Admission tickets range from €10 Euros to €100 Euros
Category Four tickets range from €10 Euros to €85 Euros
Category Three tickets range from €15 Euros to €95 Euros
Category Two tickets range from €25 Euros to €120 Euros
Category One tickets range from €30 Euros to €250 Euros
VIP tickets: from €120 Euros

Where applicable some values are approximate. Ticket offices may also charge a 10% - 20% administration/ booking fee in addition to the face value. In some instances the face value may not be printed on tickets or season/ electronic access cards that are issued to our clients.

Business costs not included in face value
The final price you pay also considers other factors that encroach on our business costs (other than profit) which are not included in the face value of the tickets;

Firstly, it is worth noting that overseas event organisers/ companies have to charge VAT to us before considering their own additional costs and profit margin.
Secondly, we have to consider UK VAT @ 20%, overseas bank transaction charges, risks associated with foreign currency exchange rates, administration costs, advertising costs and service.

We fully support our customers ‘shopping around’ before buying (or not buying) from us. By purchasing from us you will have peace of mind that your tickets will be available in advance for the event you attend.

4. Seating & ticket allocations

Tickets advertised for sale on our website can be found on stage one of our online shopping cart. A detailed ticket description can be found next to each respective ticket category by clicking on the link "ticket description". This will then drop down the description and conditions for each respective ticket. The ticket categories provided on our website may differ from the official categories printed on the tickets. These are our own definitions and therefore they may not necessarily match the official categories printed by the clubs or event organisers.
Tickazilla reserves the right to supply free ticket category upgrades without notice to you where necessary, and this shall not constitute breach of the Contract.

Football Ticket Categories
Home/ Neutral Supporters
Seats positioned in the home supporters sections of the stadium. You will be seated with supporters of the home team (i.e. the team from the city/ country where the event is being played). Some of these areas may also be seated with neutral supporters (we cannot guarantee that you will be seated with neutral supporters). The colours of the away team (shirts, scarves, jackets etc) will not be permitted into these sections of the stadium.

Away Supporters Tickets
Seats positioned in the away supporters sections of the stadium. You will be seated with supporters of the away team (i.e. the visiting team). The colours of the home team (shirts, scarves, jackets etc) will not be permitted into these sections of the stadium.

Stadium Seating Plans
Stadium seating plans are provided (where possible) which provide an indication of the approximate location only (i.e. sector or area of the stadium)

Seat Groupings
Event organisers generally issue tickets together in 'pairs' unless we state otherwise via the ticket category/ description.
Definition of pairs:
1. two seats positioned together side by side.
Event organisers will always try to prioritise pairs as above however some event organisers may issue pairs as:
2. a seat directly in front of the other seat.
3. two seats together in a diagonal pair.
4. two seats together in a diagonal pair that are separated by an aisle/ step.
5. two seats together in a diagonal pair that are separated by one seat.
6. two seats side by side that are separated by an aisle/ step.
7. two seats side by side that are separated by one seat in-between.
8. two seats in front of each other that are separated by one seat/row.

We therefore guarantee seats together in 'pairs' in accordance with the above definition of 'pairs', unless we state otherwise in the respective ticket description. Ticket descriptions can be found via each ticket category on the ticket listing page.

Group bookings of three or more persons may be seated in different rows, sectors or stands (within the positions of your allocated ticket category) and therefore separated from each other. We will however sincerely try our hardest to seat groups together or as close together as possible, however we cannot guarantee this.
Furthermore, the face values printed on your tickets may vary slightly to each other as certain sectors within your allocated ticket category may have different pricing structures.
You acknowledge that we do not have any control over this.
Since the ticket allocations are controlled by the event organisers, this minimum guarantee is usually also provided to all other registered ticketing companies/ sports event travel companies.

In order to provide you with the above guarantee for seat groupings then all tickets must be placed under the same booking reference and paid for in a singular transaction. We are unable to 'connect' tickets that have been booked and paid for under different booking references.

If you have any specific requests for seating allocations and seat groupings, please contact us.

5. Ticket types provided

Season tickets & member cards.
Some ticket agents may pre-book season tickets at the start of the season with the respective sports clubs/ event organisers that may be used for your event booking. Season tickets are normally issued in the form of electronic access cards, member cards or paper tickets and may have different spectator names on them. This is standard practice for the majority of football clubs. Also, club members that do not take up the option of attending games may also return their electronic access cards/ member cards/ tickets back to the respective clubs which may also be issued as part of your ticket booking.

These cards and tickets are officially allocated to our customers with the approval of the respective clubs. The names of each spectator are still given to the respective authorities whom take note of which persons are actually attending the event. You will not have any problems gaining access into the stadium using these cards or tickets.

If such cards or tickets are issued as part of your bookings, some clubs may also provide official supporting documentation to provide details of the relevant spectator name changes (the spectator names on your booking). You must take the supporting documentation with you to the stadium with the cards/tickets (plus valid photographic identification for each spectator). Failure to take the official supporting documentation with the tickets may result in stadium officials refusing you entry into the stadium.

You may also need to return the cards back to the reception desk of your hotel after the game, as the cards will need to be returned to the club and used by other spectators at future games. If this is required for your booking, instructions on how to return your cards will be provided in the envelope that we deliver your tickets in.

Electronic tickets (e-tickets)
Some event organisers may issue e-tickets for your booking rather than paper tickets. If e-tickets are issued then we will send e-tickets (normally in PDF format) to your registered e-mail address. You will need to print the e-tickets and take them with you to the venue. You must therefore monitor your e-mail inbox before you attend the event.

6. Finding the venue & locating your reserved seats

You will be responsible for finding your way to the venue and locating your reserved seat(s) inside the venue. The location details of your reserved seat will be displayed on your ticket/ entrance pass. Signs are also marked at the venue to help with entry into the venue and to identify the correct seat locations.

If you are unable to find the correct entrance or have difficulty in identifying your reserved seat then you should contact the nearest steward/ venue staff for assistance so they can help you find your seat.

You agree that no claim will be made against us for the actions or failures, whether negligent or intentional, of any third parties including (but not limited to) the venue, event organisers, official ticket distribution partners of the event organisers or venue staff/ stewards. We will also not be liable for how your seat information is displayed on the tickets nor the language that is printed on the tickets.

7. Stadium entry & security

You (and members of your group) may be asked to produce photographic identification upon entry at certain stadiums therefore please carry your passport as a form of photographic identification when attending the event.

Venues reserve the right to refuse admission should you breach any terms and conditions of the venue, event or event organisers. Any unacceptable behaviour likely to cause damage, nuisance or injury shall entitle the venue, event organisers or venue staff/ stewards to eject you from the venue or prevent entry into the venue.
Venues may also conduct security searches to ensure the safety of other spectators/ guests.
If you fail to comply with instructions from venue staff/ stewards then you may be ejected from the venue or prevented from entering the venue.

8. Security measurements, punishment bans & members at football games

Football Associations or organising bodies may on rare occasions impose strict security measurements or punishment bans at certain games. Some clubs may also cancel their existing booking policies at certain games and limit spectators to those that are only registered members of the club.
Spectators at stadiums may therefore be limited to:

1. local residents that live in the city where the game is taking place in, or
2. registered members/ card holders of the club, or
3. passport holders of the country where the game is taking place in, or
4. passport holders of all countries except passport holders of the country from where the opposing away team is registered, or
5. no spectators i.e. matches may be played behind closed doors with no public attendance

Event tickets can only be issued by such supporters. Access into the stadium will be denied for any other supporters.

Furthermore, where demand by registered members is extremely high then only a limited number of tickets may become available to the general public and/or certain ticket categories may sell out. Registered club members have first refusal on tickets even if the general public book confirmed tickets in advance with the club’s official agents. In this scenario, clubs may subsequently cancel their existing booking policies.

These decisions may be enforced without warning at short notice before the respective event.

For those travel/ sport event agencies that pre-book tickets in accordance with the clubs normal booking policies, in advance of any such announcement, will no longer be permitted and cancelled by the respective clubs.
You acknowledge that we do not have any control over this and will not be held responsible.
For general conditions and cancellation terms, please see condition 5 ‘Terms of Payment, Variations & Cancellations’ under our standard terms & conditions.

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